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Our philosophy

Born from passion.

If we gather together on an early morning, it's because we all share the same passion, the same love of speed, the same competitiveness, the same bit of tarmac across the countryside or along the coast.

It's also to talk about the latest gossips, from work or from the last Tour de France stage, and even from the racetrack.

It's also a new way to connect with others, to create new opportunities and to put everyone on the same level. This is the beauty of group rides and cycling in general.


There is no CEO or bartender, no influencer or mister nobody, nationality or gender doesn't exist, we're just all cyclists.


At APEX, we encourage the camaraderie, because the strongest of us is always the last one. He always is the one that has the less rest on top of the climb.

APEX also put together several training rides featuring what we offer during our training camps. 


During our supported rides, we supply :

  • Support vehicle

  • Energy food & drink

  • Experienced ride leader

  • Mechanic

  • Princeton Carbon test wheels

  • Video & Photographic footage

So let's start to hit every APEX together boys and girls !



For our racing drivers friends, we've put together especially for you different rides all around the Globe, following different racing series. Don't bother looking for the right routes on Strava or looking for the right coffee spot, we've got you covered !

Join the WhatsApp group of your racing series,  organise quickly or join an existing group ride.

This group is only open for racing drivers, or on invitation from an already existing member. APEX verify all member requests personally in order to respect your privacy.

About the club
For racing drivers

What the club is offering you

Become a true member right from the start.

  • APEX jersey

  • APEX t-shirt

  • APEX Metal member card

  • 2 water bottles

  • 1 pair of aero socks

  • APEX goodies

  • Name stickers for your bikes

  • Test samples from Neversecond

  • 12-months membership to the APEX International Racing Club

  • Discount on all APEX products

Some unique perks

  • Monthly ride

  • Early access to our events, training camps and cycling tours

  • 20% off on APEX Cycling kits

  • 1 free month with Whoop

  • 30% off on all orders and 1 time 50% from Neversecond

  • 20% off on all orders from Princeton Carbon

  • 15% off on all orders from FramesandGear

  • 200 € discount on Bike Room

  • Priority access on all waiting list


Supported Group rides

Get the FULL APEX experience during one of our supported training rides !

Riding solo is fun, but riding in group is much more fun ! APEX has put together several supported training rides featuring what we offer during our training camps. 

Our rides includes : support car to carry extra clothing and ensure the safety of the group, an experienced guide to show you the route, energy foods & drinks to make sure you make it to the end, and fresh food and water to hydrate your body.

No upcoming events at the moment
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