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The Science behind Neversecond

Our main goal has always has been offering the best services and products to every single of our customers. It's impossible to do so if you don't team up with the right people, the right team and the right products.

With NEVERSECOND™ as our nutrition partner, we make sure your energy level is always on top !

As a science based company, they already supply the n°1 UCI Team of 2022 Jumbo-Visma, and it has been a no-brainer as why we also should start working together.

In this engaging 30-minute video, Neversecond Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Asker Jeukendrup walks us through the groundbreaking research studies that are the foundation of today's "gold standards" for performance fueling, and which are the basis of Neversecond's C-SERIES products.

Science first. Neversecond.

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