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Performance Camp 2024 - Deposit

Performance Camp 2024 - Deposit


APEX is very fortunate to have partners that are pushing the science of human performance forward and bringing their science to the public.

In collaboration with Neversecond and SuperSapiens, APEX is inviting you to join us in Provence, at the bottom of the Mont Ventoux, for a week focused around performance and testing. Your experience would start way before the start of the camp, as we would ship over samples and sensor, along with a 12-weeks training plan to arrive at the camp in the best possible shape.

Once in Provence, you can start to enjoy a luxury private villa, recovery massage, presence of a full staff made of mechanic, coach, chef, and guide. Each rides would be purpose designed to test and dial your nutrition in order to squeeze as much performance as possible.


Last but not least, Princeton Carbon Wheels will be there available for test. This is your chance to have a try at very premium wheels !

This tour is limited to 10 entries only, to ensure high quality and analysis of datas and time to each participants.

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